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China | Hongkong | Hongkong Map | where is Hongkong?

Hongkong on the globe

The attractions that you can see in Hong Kong are diverse. This is one destination where you can see remarkable cityscapes, heritage monuments, lovely mountains, green pastures and thrilling adventure parks at one spot and in close proximity to each other. Over the years, Hong Kong has also developed as an international center for meetings, exhibitions and conventions, especially for Asian countries. Proclaimed as Asia’s World City, Hong Kong has embraced and absorbed people and culture of every ethnicity and from every nook and corner of the globe.

Political Overview
The conventional long name of Hong Kong is Hong Kong Special Administrative Region as it is a Special Administrative Region of China. Hong Kong functions under limited democracy. The chief of state of Hong Kong is the President of China. After its long history of being a British Colony, Hong Kong finally got the status of a city-state after its return to China. Hong Kong now enjoys a great amount of autonomy.

Geographical Overview
Hong Kong is situated in Eastern Asia opposite Pearl River Delta. Hong Kong is surrounded by South China Sea on three sides of the city-state and China on the fourth side. The geographical coordinates of the region is between 22 15 N, 114 10 E. Hong Kong has a total area of 1,104 sq km with 1,054 sq km area being land and the rest being water. The region has a coastline that stretches to over 733 km.

Hong Kong experiences cool and humid weather in winter, whereas it becomes hot and rainy from spring through summer. And during fall the climate becomes warm and sunny.

Hong Kong is a very popular tourist destination. Not just Asians but tourists from all over the world visit this destination for vacation, business as well as for new opportunities. Some of the famous attractions of Hong Kong include, The Peak, Victoria Harbour and the Giant Buddha, which are counted amongst the most overwhelming attractions here.

Moreover, Hong Kong’s outlying islands are other appealing sights that give you the taste of seeing a world enriched with rich history and culture along with magnificent natural beauty.

In addition, Hong Kong Global Geopark of China is an area that covers eight scenic spots in the East and Northeast New Territories of Hong Kong. This sight is millions of years old and is a marvel of nature in the true sense of the term.

Culture & People
The population of Hong Kong comprises of more than 90% Chinese people along with Filipino, Indonesian and others. Hong Kong also has a small population of South Asian population from India, Pakistan, Nepal and Vietnam. Cantonese is the official language with English and Mandarin been spoken by few section of the population.

With major characteristics like low taxation and free trade in the Hong Kong economy, the region has emerged as a leading international financial center of the world. Hong Kong is immensely developed capitalist economy. The region is amongst the few such cities across Asia – Pacific that possesses the highest number of corporate headquarters. Hong Kong has the seventh largest stock exchange in the world. Being low in natural resources as well as agriculture is almost nil in the region and Hong Kong depends on neighboring countries for the import of food items and raw materials.




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