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Water a precious resource:

We know that water is essential for all living beings, we are also aware that 71% of the eart is covered with water. Water is colourless, tasteless, odourless liquid. It freezes at 0 c and boils at 100 c. Water is known as universal solvent because it can dissolve a large number of substances. There are some impurities in the water can be classified into soluble and insoluble impurities. Soluble impurities are salt, minerals and insoluble  impurities are stone, mud, sand etc.  Water can be purified by boiling or adding some chemicals and by filters. You know the water on the earth has been maintained for millions of years by various process which make the  water cycle. When water circulate through the water cycle it can be found in all three form i.e. solid, liquid and gaseous. The solid form is present  in the form of snow and ice, liquid form is present in ocean, lakes and rivers etc. and gaseous form in the water vapour present in the air around us. The continuous cycling of water among its three forms keep the total amount of water on the earth, constant ever where the whole world is using it.
Distribution of water:
The distribution of water over the globe is quite uneven on the surface due to a number of factors. Some places received a good amount of water through rainfall and are water rich and some areas are dry and less water like desert.

Water on earth

Management of water:

We must save water because the water is the precious resource, the rain water can be used to recharge the ground water, it is called water harvesting. Drip irrigation is a technique of watering plants by making use of narrow tube links which delivers water directly at the plant without any water loss. We must no pollute the water, we must save the water, the need of the hour is that every individual should use water economically. As you knew that 22 march is celebrated water day every year, to make people aware of water preservation and purification. People arrange seminars, print booklet and arrange other things Worldwide to spread save water campaign.

Posted by: Noorgul 14 Jan. 2012


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