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Endangered Species:

There is hundreds of plant and animals are in vanished condition from the earth, due to outsiders activities in those areas. The animals and plants of these areas have been affected by human activities caused the number of plants and animal species are in very critical low condition. Their habitats are drastically reduced to vanished condition and are in danger to survive. These species are called endangered species, some of the NGOs and govt. of particular regions are working to make them live so that the coming generation can see them and the environment cycle can be managed.

Map of World endangered species:

World endangered species

Some of the World endangered species are shown in the map are;

Cuvier’s Gazelle:
Location: Northern Africa- Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia
Cause: Over hunting for skin, meat and trophies.

Blue Whale:
Location: Pacific Ocean, North Atlantic Ocean and Antarctica, cold and temperate water
Cause: hunting

Black Footed Ferret:
Location: Wyoming’s Shirley Basin
Cause: Killing of prairie dog their natural food source

Amazon River Dolphin:
Location: Amazon and Orinoco Basin
Cause: Environmental degradation and accidental drowning in nets

Brown Pelican:
Location: America
Cause: Use of pesticides

Asian Elephant:
Location: America: Isolated area of India, Continental South Asia, Malaypeninsula, Sri lanka, Sumatra, Borneo and Andaman Islands
Cause: Loss of habita

Giant Panda:
Location: America: China
Cause: Habitat los

Wild Bactrian camel:
Location: America: China and Mongolia
Cause: Habitat loss, hybridisation, hunting

Humboldt Penguin:
Location: America: West coast of South America, Islands of Peru and Chile
Cause: Natural Habitat loss

Asiatic Cheetah:
Location: Iran and Pakistan
Cause: Habitat loss, hunting of prey

Golden Lion Tamarin:
Location: Brazil
Cause: Habitat loss, deforestation for agriculture

Location: India, China, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Indonesia
Cause: Poaching of Skin and bone, habitat loss, deforestation for urbanisation

Black Rhinoceros:
Location: Africa
Cause: Poaching for horns

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