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Cyprus | Political Map Cyprus | Flag Cyprus

Cyprus has been divided since 1974 when Turkey invaded the north in response to a military coup on the island which was backed by the Athens government.

Once a British colony, Cyprus declared its independence in 1960. However, soon after, tensions erupted between the Turkish Cypriot minority and the Greek Cypriot majority. Subsequently the capital of Nicosia witnessed large-scale violence. In 1974, Greece made an attempt to capture Cyprus. This attracted military intervention from Turkey, which soon controlled more than a third of the island. The year 1983 witnessed the declaration of the Turkish-held area as the "Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus" (TRNC), but it is recognized only by Turkey.

Travel overview
Legend has it that Cyprus is the birthplace of the ancient Greek goddess of love Aphrodite. Though a tiny landmass, the island is know for its fascinating and ancient history, abounding with archaeological site, Crusader castles and monasteries. Beautiful beaches, luxury resorts, exciting nightlife are other things which make travel to the country an intense and rewarding experience.

Known for its multiple identity, Cyprus is littered with the ancient remains of the Roman, Byzantine and Greek empires. Salamis, an archaeological site, has been a magnet for travellers for its Byzantine and Roman ruins. Large numbers of visitors are drawn to the beaches like Anassa, Acapulo and Kyrenia. Another great place to visit in the island is Aphrodite’s Rock, a set of two large rocks off the Mediterranean coast

One of the oldest cities in the world, Nicosia, Cyprus’s capital, is known for beautiful Gothic and Ottoman architecture that find their fullest expressions in the Selimiye Mosque, the Arab Ahmet Mosque, the Bedestan and the Great Inn.

Capital: Nicosia (Lefkosia)
Location: Middle East
Climate: temperate, Mediterranean
Total Area: 9,250 sq km
Total Population: 788,457
Population Growth Rate: 0.527%
Sex Ratio 0.997 male(s)/female
Literacy: 97.6%
Ethnic Groups: Greek, Turkish
Irrigated land: 400 sq km
Languages: Greek, Turkish, English
Time Zone: UTC+2
Currency: Cypriot pound, Turkish New lira (YTL)
Neighbouring countries: Akrotiri, Dhekelia
Type of govt.: republic
Head of Govt.: President Tassos Papadopoulos
Major Political Parties: Democratic Party or DIKO , Democratic Rally or DISY , European Democracy or EURO.DI , European Party or EURO.KO , Fighting Democratic Movement or ADIK , Green Party of Cyprus , Movement for Social Democrats or EDEK ,Political Movement of Hunters , Progressive Party of the Working People or AKEL , United Democrats or EDI , Communal Liberation Party or TKP , Cyprus Socialist Party or KSP , Democratic Party or DP , Freedom and Reform Party or OP , National Unity Party or UBP , Nationalist Justice Party or MAP , New Party or YP , Our Party or BP , Patriotic Unity Movement or YBH , Peace and Democratic Movement or BDH , Renewal Progress Party or YAP , Republican Turkish Party or CTP ,United Cyprus Party or BKP

Natural Resources & Minerals: copper, gypsum, pyrites, asbestos, timber, salt, marble, clay earth pigment.
Industry & Transport: tourism, cement and gypsum production, food and beverage processing, ship repair and refurbishment, metal products, textiles, light chemicals, wood, paper, stone, and clay products
Airports: 16
Roadways: 14,496 km
Major Trade Partners: UK, Greece, France, Germany, UAE, Italy, Israel, Netherlands, China
Exports: area under government control: $1.34 billion
area administered by Turkish Cypriots: $68.1 million
Imports: area under government control: $5.8 billion
area administered by Turkish Cypriots: $1.2 billion


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