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Where is?
Where is America?
Where is Alabama?
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World News

China Avian flu map
China: A Woman died by Birds Avian flu in China

xinjiang mosque
xinjiang-mosque China


Where is China

China is facing flood distruction these days, a large number of people are affected througn the flood in China. 20 June 2011

Where is China Enlarge View
This is the location map of China explore

MF Husain

the well known Indian Artist MF Husain at the age of 95, has died in London, 8 June 2011 and funeral in London itself.

The great Indian contemporary Artist MF Hussain has passed away, leave behind the art to teach thousands of artist. Great personality Mr. Maqbul Fida Husain fascinated by Mumbai where he started his career as signboard painter and become Indian great artist

Painting MF Husain

Painting by MF Husain

MF Husain art work

Volcano in Iceland Europe

Volcano in Iceland errupt all the air traffic and the ash affected europe, thousands of people leave their home, ashes clouds are covering large area of europe and affecting as well. The effected airlines and areas are; Greenland, United Kingdom (UK), USSR

Where is Iceland

Mississippi River

Mississippi River flooded areas, arial view of Mississippi on the globe showing areas affected by flood in 2011 USA America, more that 245 people have died and thousands of people left their homes. The biggest flood of the year 2011. The water covered a large area of USA and fill everything with water.

Mississippi River flooding in Orleans May 2011


Libyan President facing War Crises on Libya capital Tripoli and other places, US and other collision forces Air strike on Libya
Map of libya

Flag of Libya


Where is Syria?
Where is Syria on the globe

Flag of Syria
Flag of Syria

Political Map of Syria
Syria Location map


Yemeni people have been protesting against curruption in Yemen, against the modification in Yemen constitution, unemployment, economic condition and President Ali Abdulla Saleh to resign.
Where is Yemen? On the Globe
Yemen Flag
Flag of Yemen


Where is pakistan?
About Pakistan
Pakistani Flag
Flag of Pakistan

Map of Pakistan

US forces have killed and recovered his body. Predsident of USA announced that Osama Bin laden is Dead, 2nd may 2011

Location of Osama in Pakistan Map

Kate Middleton

Photographs of kate middleton, wallpapers of kate Middleton, Princess Kate middleton got married with Prince William son of Princess Diana and Prince Charles

Royal Couple
Royal wedding of prince William and kate Middleton

Wedding Dress fo Kate middleton
Wedding Dress option for Kate middleton
Wedding Dress of Princess Diana

Where is India?
Old Civilisation Map
Reveal the truth of Indus Valley Civilisation History and Origin of Colonies, Oldest well civilised colonies Harrappa Civilisation, Indus Valley Civilization and the Indus Sarasvati Civilisation, which was the
Old Civilisation Map
contemporary of the Egypt civilisation and Mesopotamia Civilisation but different from both in various things. Archeologist have so far located around 1400 sites of this civilisation in India and Pakistan.

Map of Afghanistan

Map of Afghanistan
Where is Afghanistan?
Afghanistan flag
Flag of Afghanistan

Where is Alabama? Alabama hit by Dozens of Tornadoes in April and storm all over Alabama
Alabama hit by huge tornado on 28 April 2008 and damaged massive area and killed hundreds of people of Alabama. The tornado major twirl into the Alabama, Birmingham, Mississippi, Tennessee and Georgia.

Alabama Location map
Map of Alabama
Where is Alabama

Continents Population


Japan Again hits by 7.1 Magnitude Earthquake in North East Japan near Tokyo in Hokoshima on 11 April 2011, Map of japan, Location of Japan Earthquake and areas affected by Tsunami

Wedding of Queen Victoria
Wedding of Queen Elizabeth
Wedding Dress of Princess Diana

British Flag
British Flag, UK

Map of UK
Map of UK


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