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Libyan President Colonel Gaddafi



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Colonel Gaddafi was born on 7 june 1942 in Sirt Libya. After initial education at Muslim Elementary School he got admission at Libyan Military Academy at Benghazi., which was the great opportunity for the Lower Socioeconomic Libyans to improve their status and education.
Colonel Gaddafi, The President of Libya
Gaddafi was upset by the defeat of the Arabs in 1967 and started thinking about the Arab unity and Libya becoming a safe place for the pro-Islamic activists. There he started thinking about the birth of Islamic world. In the year 1970, Gaddafi expelled the Italians out from the country.
He became the prime minister of Libya in the year 1970 and a revolutionary command council was formed to rule the country. He himself gave the post of prime minister in 1972. He did not take the advantage of becoming the Colonel while in power but was promoted to Colonel from the captain and still holds the rank.
On Prophet Muhammad's birthday, in the year 1973 Gaddafi declared "five-point address"
1. Suspension of all existing laws and implementation of sharia
2. Purging the country of the "politically sick"
3. Creation of a "people's militia" to "protect the revolution"
4. Administrative revolution
5. Cultural revolution
He laid the foundation of Islamic socialism and named it Popular Democracy. He then started a system of Islamic morals and banned alcohol and gambling in the country
From 1970 to 1980, Gaddafi tried to get the nucleur bomb from China, Pakistan and India.
Gaddafi warned France not to support the Chad in the year 1971, or else be ready to face the consequence.
In 1972, he openly started supporting Palestinians as they were beaten up by the Israelis, and on the other hand paid millions of dollars to release kidnapped tourists there. Relations of Libya with Egypt started getting bitter when Gaddaffi started supporting Palestine Liberation Organization, whereas relations were in good taste with Soviet Union, and there Libya became the hidden target of America.
His increasing power was a threat to America and America started creating distance with Libya. American president Ronald Reagan called Gaddafi the "Mad Dog Of The Middle East".and the US State Department invalidated US passports for travel to Libya. This continued for some time and in March 1982, the US declared a ban on the import of Libyan oil.
His good relations with Soviet Union and increasing power was neither tolerated by the Americans and nor by the Europeans and Europe started supporting the anti Gaddafi Libyans.
Gaddafi declared via the state television that he would fight against the Americans and as well as the Europeans
America along with Germany bombed Tripoli (largest city and capital of Libya ) and Benghazi (second largest city of Libya) with the air defenses, three army bases, and two airfields. Gaddafi was not harmed but victims of the bombing were all civilians. This act of America was reported by the western media and America went back. This was the victory of Libya and Gaddafi celebrated this victory. Libya became the democracy "Great Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriyah" governed by the people. General people's congress was at the top and colonel gaddafi became the secretary-general. However, after only two years, gaddafi gave up all of his governmental posts.
His all time dream was to have a pan-Arab state or rather pan-Islamism for which he tried hard.
Economic and diplomatic sanctions were imposed on Libya as a result of Gaddafi's refusal to allow the extradition of two Libyans accused of planting a bomb on Lockerbie, Scotland. Libya agreed to pay compensation of up to us$2.7 billion – or up to us$10 million each – to the families of the 270 victims through United Nations.
In the year 1996 Britain plotted secret intelligence service to assassinate Colonel Gaddafi, and rebels attacked Gaddafi's motorcade near the city of Sirte.
Gaddafi showed his strong commitment to fighting Al-Qaeda.
In April 2006,Gaddafi said: "there are signs that Allah will grant Islam victory in Europe – without swords, without guns, without conquests and the 50 million Muslims of Europe will be turning Europe into a Muslim continent. [the US State Department in the same year announced to restore full diplomatic relations with Libya, if Gaddafi agrees to stop Libya’s weapons of mass destruction program
In the year 2008, Gaddafi announced to dissolve the country's existing administrative structure and disburse oil revenue directly to the people. In the same year us presidential candidate Barack Obama was strongly criticized by Gaddafi for saying Jerusalem should remain the undivided capital of Israel.
Later in the year 2009, Gaddafi suggested that he was in favor of a single-state solution to the Israeli and Palestinian conflicts.
Gaddafi signed a landmark cooperation treaty with Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi in August 2008. According to which, Italy will be paying $5 billion to Libya as compensation for its earlier military occupation.
Recently in August 2010 in Italy, Gaddafi surprised his hosts when he stated that Europe should convert to Islam and "Islam should become the religion of all of Europe”. He was delivering a lecture to 200 young women of a modeling agency, and he urged the women to convert to Islam. A copy of the Qur’an was gifted to each of the women present there.
From 2 february 2009 to 31 january 2010, He was the chairperson of the African Union.