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Libya | Map of Libya / Flag of Libya | About President Colonel Gaddafi | New Libyan Flag

Finally the Libya has form new goverment with new president Mustafa Abdul-Jalil October 2011 belong to National Transitional Council. Basic source of law would be the Islamic Law according to sharia. The new libyan flag is New Libyan Flag the new libya flag has three different colours, red, black and green. The neww libya flag has tri colours and thee moon and star in the center.

Political Libya
Once spurned by the most of the countries over the 1988 bombing of Pan AM Flight 103 above the Scottish town of Lockerbie, Libya has undergone dramatic transition in recent years. The control of the Ottoman Turks from the area around Tripoli came to an end in 1911 when they were supplanted by the Italians. However, thanks to its defeat in World War II, Italy had to leave the territory.
After being administered by the UN Libya achieved independence in 1951. With the discovery of oil in 1959, there was a change in the country’s’ fortunes. In 1969 the 27-year-old Muammar Gaddafi led a military coup and deposed the ruling king. Libya entered into a new political era from here.
Colonel Gaddafi' is known for his Third Universal Theory as an alternative to both communism and capitalism. He went some extra length to espouse his own ideology by supporting subversive and terrorist activities in other countries.
Tripoli was subjected to UN sanctions in 1992 following the Lockerbie case. However, Libya formally took responsibility for the Pan AM Flight incident in 2003. After that sanctions were lifted and the country is finding favour in the comity of nations.
Travel overview
A land of great topographical diversity Libya is endowed with a large number of attractions. The country offer all a tourist can ask for whether it is ancient archaeological sites, colonial architecture or exciting desert safaris and cruises.

Though Lybia’s wonders are many, the most celebrated tourist attractions in the country include the striking Roman and Greek ruins at Leptis Magna, Cyrene and Sabratha. Cyrene and Jebel Acacus are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The capital city of Tripoli, known for its colonial architecture and cultural heritage, is a fascinating place to explore.

Benghazi, Libya's second largest city, is famous for its historical sites and exciting beaches.

The Jebel Akhdar (Green Mountain) and Zallaf Sand Dunes have long been Egypt's highlight. Tourist can also enjoy a wide range of exciting outdoor activities.
Capital: Tripoli
Location: Northern Africa
Climate: Mediterranean, dry, extreme desert
Total Area: 1,759,540 sq km
Total Population: 6,036,914
Population Growth Rate: 2.262%
Sex Ratio: 1.052 male(s)/female
Literacy: 82.6%
Ethnic Groups: Berber and Arab, Greeks, Maltese, Pakistanis, Italians, Egyptians, Turks, Tunisians, Indians,
Irrigated land: 4,700 sq km
Languages: Arabic, Italian, English
Time Zone: UTC+2
Currency: Libyan dinar (LYD)
Neighbouring countries: Algeria, Chad, Egypt, Niger, Sudan, Tunisia
Type of govt.: Jamahiriya
Head of Govt.: Secretary of the General People's Committee (Prime Minister) al-Baghdadi Ali al-Mahmudi
Major Political Parties: none
Major Agricultural Products: olives, dates, wheat, barley, citrus, vegetables, cattle, peanuts soybeans
Natural Resources & Minerals: petroleum, natural gas, gypsum.
Industry & Transport: petroleum, iron and steel, textiles, food processing, handicrafts, cement
Airports: 141
Railways: 0 km
Roadways: 83,200 km
Major Trade Partners: Italy , Germany , Spain , Turkey , France , US , Tunisia , UK , South Korea , China
Exports: $37.02 billion
Imports: $14.47 billion

Air Strike on Libya on 20 march 2011

Air attack on libya by usa, 20 march 2011
US forces strike attack on libya on March 2011, Internation forces hit the Tripoli including Tent of Moammar Gadhafi, and damaged very badly.


Actually What is happening in Libya, why libya people protesting, why libyans demonstrating, Libyan people demand

A mostly desert country Libya came under the rule of various empires such as Vandals, Byzantines, Arabs and Ottoman Turks. Ottoman Turks gave way to the Italians who took control of Libya in 1911. Thus  Libya  became a colony of Italy till the latter’s debacle at the World War II. Libya became independent in 1951.

Colonel Gaddafi considers himself a revolutionary and visionary leader. He has been blamed for using  oil funds to support terrorist activities in other parts of the world.
Libya was blamed for the bombing of the Pan AM Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland. This resulted in the isolation of Libya in the world. This began to change after Libya accepted the responsibility and two Libyans suspected of the crime were handed over for trial in The Hague under Scottish law. In 2003 Libya agreed to renounce terrorism.
Under a prisoner-exchange agreement signed in 2009 between Britain and Libya, the convicted Lockerbie bomber Abdelbaset Ali al-Megrahi was freed on compassionate grounds and returned Libya. The payment of compensation to the US victims of the bombing by Libya in 2008 has resulted in the normal diplomatic relations with the US.
Though Libya has extensive reserves of oil and gas, they are still untapped.

More about Colonel Gaddafi

Colonel Gaddafi and Libya

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