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Japan Earthquake Map Location


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Location map Earthquake Tsunami 2011 japan

Location map of Earthquake in japan 11 March 2011
The Sendai Earthquake 2011: it hit the Sendai City majorly

Tohoku region of Japan. and near the coast of the city of Sendai, Earthquake hit Northish-East Japan, but Hokkaido, Tokyo, and other cities of japn felt the quake and near by countries China had also feel the quake.
More than 140,000 people had been evacuated from and around the Fukushima nuclear power plant.

Google crises respone has done a good job by providing important information regarding Japan in the crises. they provide map for affected areas, helpline nos. and other info. (thanks to them)


Map of Places affected by Earthquake and Tsunami 2011
Areas affected Earthquake and Tsunami hit the Japan March 2011

Japan Political Map
Japan Political map

Location map of Earthquake in japan
Earthquake Location map of japan 2011

Japan Outline map
Japan Outline Map

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