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Flag of India
Capital: New Delhi
Location: Central Aasia

maps of IndiaIndia comes in Asia continent which is seventh largest country and the second populous country in the world. South India covered with Arabian Sea on the west side, bay of bengal at the eastern side, and Indian Ocean spreaded all over south India. India has Taj Mahal, himalayas at the Northern India, Taj Mahal monument has included in New seven wonders of the World.
Climate: India has different climate regions and devided into 6 type of climate. Most of it part covered by tropical wet - dry and humid sub tropical regions. Southern India, centarl and north west part has tropical wet and dry climate. Central, North and North west India covered by humid sub tropical climate.These type of climates are best for agriculture and other agricultural activities. North East India and South west Indian regions have tropical wet climate, cause heavy rain fall and humidity. Highland covered North West to Top Nortyh East part of India. Himalayas range known for highland climate region. Semi aride climate comes into south west and north west area of India. And aride climate have western part of the country.
If there is one piece of land on this planet that reminds of motherly love and warmth, it is called India. No matter where you belong to, it embraces all with the same affection, like its own child.

Maps of India ! political map of India, colourful India map listed all the states and their capital and important famous cities of India.
Maps of India ! Political map of India; India travel maps, india tourist map, map india, India city map and maps of tourists destinations of India are available for your references. The maps of India page including state maps of India, map of rajasthan, map of Goa, map of Kerala, map of mumbai, map of maharashtra, map of delhi, map of haryana, map of agra, and map of jaipur.

Facts and Figures:

Map of Jammu and Kashmir

Map India


Old Civilisation Map

Where is India on the Globe

Harappa, Indus Valley civilisation

Ancient Indian Architecture

Country Name : India (BHARAT)
Capital: New Delhi
Total Area: 3287590 sq km
States: 29
Union Territories: 7
Largest State: Rajasthan (Largest area)
Smallest State: Goa (area)
Highest Populous State: Uttar Pradesh
Lowest Populous State: Sikkim
District: 622
Highest literacy: Kerala
Lowest Literacy rate: Bihar
Languages: 22 official list
Most speakable language: Hindi
Religions: 9 religions
Biggest Religion: Hindu
Smallest Religion: Jainism
Largest State (Agriculture): Punjab
Largest Wildlife and National Park: Gangotri National Park, in Uttarakhand
Largest Lake: Dipor Bill, in Assam
Largest River: Brahmaputra Rivers, Assam
Highest Mountain: Averest
Famous tourist destinations: Refer to India Travel Section

Annual Rainfall and Monsoon in India:

June 1 is the normal rainfall month in which the monsoon started and october is the month for normal withdraw of monsoon, some time it comes before 1 june and some time the rainfall comes later. The rainfall generally measured as 100 mm to 400 mm during monsoon. Cherapunji known for highest rainfall area and it goes more than 400 mm.

Precipitation and winds: Most of the areas have 200 mmto 500 mm percipitation and winds.

Temperature and pressure: According to temperature and pressure India has devided into four seasons

November - January
Northern India has 0 - 10 C
North East and Upper Central regions have 10 - 20 C
Central regions of India have 20 - 25 C
South India regions have 25 - 30 C

Feb - April - The temperature at the most of the area of India have between 20-30 C, accept Northern regions they have 20-25 C comparitively less than other areas, rest of the part have 25 to 30 C and more than 30 C. Specially central part of India has more than 30 C temperature.
July - September - Most of the regions of India have 25 30 C temperature except North west and south east they have more than 30 C temperature.
October - In this period of time India has almost same temperature all over between 20 to 30 degree c
Land resources Map: India is rich in land resources and these are the most important natural resources wealth of india.

Indian Soil:

According to Soil type it has devided into 11 regions,
Glacier and skeletal soils: Top of the Northern India the himalayas ranges have Glacier and skeletal soils.
Mountain Soils: Below the Himalayas it has mountain soils at some areas of north India.
Sub Mountain Soil: Mountain soils and sub mountain soils are almost the same quality with the little difference.
Alluvial Soils: This type of solis found at North India just below the mountains of Himalayas. western India like gujarat, south east and south west India and North east India.
Desert Soils: North west India have desert soil, Rajasthan and Gujarat are the main regions where desert found.
Black Soil: Some of the Central and western regions have black soil.
Red Soil: All over South india and North East India have red soils
Red and black Soils: A very few regions have red and black soils, it can be seen in the map

Laterite Soil: South west and some of the regions have this soil:


There are major 6 type of geological eras of India,
Quaternary 66 - 0.01 Million years
Teritory 66 - 16 million years
Mesozoic 245 - 66 million years
Palaeozoic 570 - 245
Proterozoic 2500-570
Archaean pre 2500

Land Use:

According to land use there are 4 type of land Scrub and gardens 4.8%, Unproductive land 13.6%, Forest 22.6% and Arable land is 59% Natural Vegetation: Most of the part of India have tropical deciduous and tropical thorni and rest of the areas have sub tropicle, tropical evergreen, temperate, alpine and sub alpine, littoral and swamp and desert.

Natural resources:

Rivers basin of India
The main water drainage and surface water supply have in India by rivers. There are 13 main river basin, 43 medium river basin and minor river basin have around 2 lakh squar kilometer area, main river serve around 81% of total population.
The Indian rivers are:
Ganga, Indus river, Godavari, Krishna, Brahmaputra, Mahanadi, Narmada, Kaveri, Tapi, Penner, Mahe, Sabarmati, Damodar, Kaldan etc.


The major channels for irrigation in India are rivers, canal and wells these are used in north, west and north east reagions majorly, tanks are used in south and south east India. However rivers are the main irrigation channels in India.

Power - electricity consumption:
Industrial area has highest power consumption india around 36%, second no. electricity consumption area is domestic at 26%, agriculture comes on third no. in power consumption in India at 24%. Rest of the 14 % used by commercial activities, railways and others.

Agriculture and Food Crops of India:

Wheat total production is 59.1 m tones in total area of 25 m hactares. The Uttarpradesh has the largest production area of wheat with 33% of total production. Punjab share 20% and 12% Haryana, Madhya pradesh, Rajasthan and Bihar produce 11.8%, 10% and 6% of total wheat production in India.

Total production of bajra is 5.02 m tones by 9.53 hactares area. Rajasthan state known for highest production of Bajra in India 25.6%, then Maharashtra 21%, Gujarat produce 18%, Uttarpradesh 13.5%, Haryana 8.7%, Tamilnadu, karnataka and others contribute by 12.8% of bajra production

Rice is the largest crop by the total rice production in India is 78.97 m tones by 42 m hactares area. West bengal known for the highest rice production state in India 15.5%, Uttarpradesh 13.5% and Andhrapradesh 13.3%. These are the major states known for rice production.

Maharashtra share highest jowar production by 51% of total jowar production in India. Maharashtra and Karnataka are the highest jowar production states of india. Total jowar production in India is 11.52 m tones by 12.88 m hactares fields.

India is reputed to be the last Polynesian monarchy. Once a British protectorate, this Christian country India is ruled by a king supported by hereditary noblemen. The country India joined the Commonwealth of Nations and the United Nations in 1970 and 1999 respectively.

Maps of India

India, map India, Political map IndiaIndia; The peninsular country extends between 8° 4 ' N and 37° 6' North Latitude and 68° 7 ' and 97° 25 ' East Longitudes, in South Asia. With an area of 3.28 million sq kilometers, India is the seventh largest country in the world. It is also called Bharat in Hindi and Hindustan in Urdu. The frontier of the country is 15, 201 km and the total length of the coastline is 7, 416 kilometers.

North West India:
Regions wise north western region share boundaries with Himalayas ranges, the icy Ladakh and the beautiful Jammu and Kashmir. The state Himachal Pradesh serve with its beautiful hill stations and Punjab and Haryana states add wealth by agricultural production which make pride to India.
Chandigarh, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir and Punjab
North India:
Northern India have Delhi the capital of India, it has been a center of political power of India for centuries. Delhi has historical memories through monuments and other historical places. Delhi known as main commercial center for north India and also known for its political values. Uttarpradesh is also known for agricultural state and it has the largest population in India. Ganga is the major river flows through the Uttrakhand - Uttarpradesh - Bengal and Bihar. Delhi, Uttarakhand, Uttarpradesh. West India:
Western regions of India have Gujarat and Maharashtra the most commercialised states of India. Rajasthan has become biggest state with largest area and rich by mineral resources and known for its tourism values. Portuguese culture can be seen at the western political region of India.
Daman and Diu, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Rajasthan

Central India:
Central India have Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh the heart of India, have wildlife centuries and forest. Madhyapradesh, Chhattisgarh.

South India:
South India with highest rate of literacy in India, cultural rich, Hyderabad and Bangalore are well known as high-tech city of south India. Karnataka and Kerala are known for their spices cultivation, tea and coffee plantation. Bay of Bengal, Indian ocean and Arabian sea take the pleasure by touching the boundaries of South Indian regions and enjoy the moments.
Andhrapradesh, Goa, Karnataka, Kerala, Puducherry and Tamilnadu

East India:
Eastern India has variety of political information, it has oldest universities at Nalanda Bihar, Jharkhand rich in minerals, Orissa has temples and beaches. West Bengal has Darjeeling tea gardens, Himalayas in the north and Bay of Bengal in the south. Kolkata the capital of West Bengal has been well known since British period.
Bihar, Jharkhand, Orissa, Sikkim, West Bengal

North East India:
Seven sisters the name come and tell us about north eastern states. Covered with Himalayas ranges on top, rich with several tribal cultures, bamboo crafts and wildlife and national parks the home for tigers and rhinasourus. Assam is the largest states have brahmputra river. The Cherapunji known for highest rainfall.
Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Tripura


Andaman and Nicobar Islands and Lakshadweep in the Bay of Bengal make their presence by several tribal species and coral islands, and are well known for its unspoilt beaches attract thousands of tourists every year.
Andaman and Nicobar Island, Lakshadweep

Political Map India

Political map IndiaOfficial Political Map India (Copyright©2005 NIC govt. of Idnia)

Incredible Indiaincredible india, mapsnworld.com, taj mahal agra , Incredible Taj Mahal, Incredible India , Incredible

Incredible India the name itself describe about India, thats mean India has so many differeent incredible places, incredible things, incredible culture, incredible people, and so many other incredibble activities. Tourist around the world come here to see this incredible beauty of India. Unity in diversity, the diversity in culture, in religion and in regions. In India one side you can enjoy the white water rafting and second side travelers can enjoy desert safari, if one side there are beautiful beaches like Goa along with it has great mountains of Himalayas. If there are metropolitan (modren) cities in India along with a number of villages are there to showcase soul of incredible India. Indian cultures live in villages of India, diferent - different colours, customs, dresses, languages, food, and lifestyle. Tourists can enjoy world largest Railway network, by taking a ride in train, there are luxury trains as old style are also avalable in which Raja Mahrajas and Britishers were used to travel from one place to other. Due to its historical im[portance it has so many monuments with different architecttural style. From the ancient Indian archtecture to till date architectures are aailabble to feel the difference and the beauty of incredible India. It is th place for tigers and many other wildlife and national parks, fort and palaces, havelies and mud house all have their own value and .Incredible India, Taj Mahal

Incredible Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal is famous for its architectue and the story of building this amazing monument by a King of India named Shahjahan in the name of his beloved wife Noorjahan, after her death. Its beauty can be seen by its architecture, decorative items, design, and efforts be thousands of karigars. It is made of white marble with decorative piece of marble art, floral art on marble, make its beauty more beautiful. It is symbol of a true love by a king to hs queen. In moon light is looks amazing and looks like a monument taking bath by milk in the rays of moon. It is the place where you can you can imgine that how much he would havce love his wife.

It has a symatrical design with one big gumbaz at the center, four minaret (tower) at the four corners made on a big platform build at the bank of yamuna river. The Taj Mahal situated in Agra, the city of Uttar Pradesh in India. It has been built near the agra fort which is situated at the second side of yamuna river bank and can be seen from there.The kinng at his last period of life used to see his creation Taj ahal from the window of Agra fort, where he had been kept by his son. And afte death he also buried at the center of this monument with his wife which is already buried there.

Incredible India Kathakali Dancer
Kathakali Dance, classical dance foorm of Kerala, India

India Travel

India travel is like a tour of cultural heritage remarkable tourist attractions. The Indian sub-continent can be picturised as a rough triangle, with Himalayan mountain chain. Tibet influenced region of Leh and Ladakh and the amazingly beautiful mountainous areas of Himachal Pradesh, Darjeeling, Garhwal, and Sikkim. Colorful and fairly rich Punjab in the North West, past the capital city of Delhi, and important tourist attractions like Agra (with the Taj Mahal), Varanasi, Khajuraho, and the holy Ganges river, to the Northern end of the Bay of Bengal, where you will find the teeming city of Kolkata (Calcutta), the historic city of india!
Below this lies the south of India, It is a place of pure Hindu tradition and was slightest influenced by the Mughal culture. Hinduism and countless temples are dotting the landscape of south India and you can enjoy the Indian Ocean through the touching of beaches of south India.

Khajuraho Temples SculpturesKhajuraho temple Madhya Pradesh

Khajuraho is the famous tourist attraction of Madhya Pradesh, in ndia. Khajuraho city is famous for its temples and monuments. It has an Incredible architecture of India, Khajuraho is also known for Kama Sutra. This is the most ancient and historical place of India. Known as Khajuraho, situated in the State of Madhya Pradesh, which is central part of India. The famous temples of Khajurao were built by Chandel Rajputs in the year 925 onwards. These temples belong to Hindu and Jain community. The temples have incredible art in the form of figures and sculptures, which shows the different aspect of life and love. The sculptre made on various form of life like yoga, meditation, love, travel, spritual, sports, and yes erotic forms. Famous book Kama Sutra is also based on these figurative sculptures in different forms of love. The decoraive art can be seen on these temples done by the sculptors of that time. The details on human and animals figures can bee seen as a piece of art in each sculpture. The artwork makes all the figures live as they are speaking and telling us their story of making.

When I thought about India Travel I get thrilled to think about culture of India, Monuments of india, Temple of India, Beaches of India, Deserts of India and amazing spicy foods of India

Famous Destinations of India and Tourist Places India

Red Fort Delhi, monumentmapsnworld.com is an Indian Travel website provide information on tourist places in India, states of India, India travel destinations, monuments, Luxury India, Hotels of India, wildlife India, beaches India, safari, desert and India travel news.

Tourist Places of India - Every state of India has a unique identity, some of the tourist places of India are like heaven on earth. To assist you for the best tourism in India we provide important information about India tourist destinations and Hotels of India. mapsnworld.com provide you travel maps of India to make your journey more comfortable and adventurous.
Whether its is desert, mountains, greenery, beaches, wildlife or the historical legacy, adventure, leisure in India; you get everything at these India travel destinations. The extraordinary tourist places being Agra the seventh wonder of the world Taj Mahal many other historic places. India is a dream place in which every traveler enjoy his holidays with India’s endless tourist attractions. To explore India is to discover colours of life, that makes up for a perfect travel package.

Incredible India Kathakali DancerIndia is favorite tourist destination for those who love culture, heritage, beaches, ayurveda, luxury, royal palaces and adventure. Its variety of landscapes, people and culture offer everything you want during your travel in this country. From the ice-covered Himalayas to the humid lush Kerala, and from the holy Ganges to the vast desert of Thar, the country offers different facets to discover.
There are too many choices for tourists coming to India then anywhere else. From Wildlife Tours to Adventure tours, from Culture tour packages to Heritage tour packages, from Desert tours to Backwater tours, from Beach tours to Tribal tours, and from Cuisine tours to omnipresent Golden Triangle tours - Just select the best tour package of india, we will make sure that you get the best while you are traveling. When you Travel in India feel yourself delighted to a supernatural world. observe the beauty of Taj Mahal and other impressive monuments and feel like royalty at royal palaces and luxury resorts when you travel in India, relax on exotic beaches in Goa and Kerala, revive yourself at exotic spas in India. Royal luxury trains of India that remind you the regal heritage of the country and enjoy a cruise on the serene backwaters of Kerala. enjoy the sights, culture, colors and warmness of India on tours to the best Luxury Destinations in India. When you travel in India Experience the luxury.
India from beautiful calm beaches to snow-capped mountains, desert to wildlife forests, tour packages in India is full of charming destinations. India has been known as a good host for travelers, and is balanced to be guest friendly.

If you want to see a vast variety of culture and traditions then this is the perfect place to enjoy. About the culture of India, every state has its own culture and language with various tongue, unique cuisine, art and craft, special fairs, fairs and festivals, crowded bazaars and customs that are peculiar to them. Travel in India is a range of experiences and activities that you can choose from. Dream holiday lying under the sun on the beautiful golden beaches of Goa, camel safari in the deserts of Rajasthan, trekking through the verdant wild forests of Assam, or visiting the superb royal forts and palaces, India travel is a ‘perfect experience’ tourist destination that is sure to leave an incredible impression on you!

Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal Agra India Travel Taj Mahal is a main tourist attraction of India and is one of the seven wonders of the world. Taj mahal Agra is one of the great architecture of world; the poem in pure white marble, elegy of love, Taj Mahal, if viewed on a full moon night leaves a mark in the memory. Masterpiece in red stone the Red Fort Agra is also a remarkable fort of its kind. The tomb of Itmad-ud-Daula is another tourist spot to be visited by the tourists for its design and architecture.

Jodhpur, RajasthanUmmaid Bhawan, Jodhpur Rajasthan, India

Rajasthan- The land of the Raja, Maharajas and kings, Rajasthan, promises to be an experience of a lifetime with its royal treatment to tourists, wealth of culture and traditions. South India culture in each city is associated with a specialty in south India. Mahabalipuram is famous for its rock-cut monuments, temples, structures in a single stone and bas-reliefs besides its beaches. The Kamakshi Amman temple and the Varadaraja Perumal temples in Kanchipuram are the must a visit tourist attraction for the travelers to India travel for the cultural destinations. The beauty and elegance of the silk saris are easily available. For gifting purposes to your family and friends, don’t forget to pick up the Kanjivaram saris.

Travel in India is an experience of a unique culture of India. India travel is a amazing destination for all the tourists who are planning for travel to India. Wide range of cultural in India will have you going through a range of emotions through India travel and tour! India travel is one of the most insightful experiences for all the travelers around the world. It is a fascinating experience formed for the tourists who exlore India. India is considered as an easygoing country for leisure travel. Breathtaking locales of India, unbelievable architecture in India, beautiful beaches of India, endless dessert of India, exciting mountain range of India, unusual wildlife in India, magnificent beauty of the Himalayas, and endless sociability and hospitality make your travel to India more remember able.

map himalayas indiaHimalayas Mountains Range India

Himalayas India

Area: 1,483 sq km
Population: 13.8 million
Country: India
Time Zone: GMT/UTC +5.5 (Standard)
Telephone Area Code: 11

Heritage of India

Mapsnworld provide you with all the information that you need on Indian Heritage in order to understand this great country and prepare yourself for the tour of India. To understand the heritage and culture of India you can choose Heritage Tours of India.

Throughout Indian history armies, traders, and immigrants from all over the world have attack India. India's heritage is like a rainbow of performing arts, crafts, culture, traditions, religion, customs, beliefs, philosophy, history, health, medicine, travel, cuisine, monuments, literature, painting and languages. Each one of these heritages of India reflects the influence of existing cultures.

The cultural heritage of India include, musical heritage, dances heritage, heritage in sculpturing and other fine arts, festivities, customs, food and languages spoken, traditional beliefs etc.

Variety of Travels

A remarkable walk through historical monuments and places in Delhi, look in wonder at the astonishing perfection of the Taj Mahal in Agra, calm down on a golden beach in Goa with sun, sand and sea, experience rejuvenated after a visit to an Ayurvedic spa in Kerala, breathe in the fresh looking mountain air and be stunned by the incredible landscape of Ladakh, feel the peace of the desert sand dunes in Rajasthan, and feel the excitement of India's modern cities in Mumbai and Bangalore. India offers a great, rich variety of travel destinations to choose from.
India is the second most crowded nation in the world with over one billion citizens. It is not possible to speak of any one Indian culture, although there is different cultural essence in every state of India. There are 16 official languages in India in its different states, but there are 24 languages that are spoken by a millions of people of India or more.

Tour to Delhi

Red fort IndiaIndia travel for Delhi - the tour to delhi is consists of two parts- Old Delhi and New Delhi. Old Delhi is also known as historical city, old Delhi has the glory of the Mughal era in such monuments as the Red Fort and the Jama Masjid. You can enjoy a rickshaw ride along the busy Chandni Chowk bazaar is a unique experience. Apart from this there is the immaculate greenery of Rajghat. The India Gate, Rashtrapati Bhavan, the Lotus Temple and the Qutab Minar are major tourist attraction of delhi.

Cultural India

In India, there are many physical attributes such as lofty mountains, deep valleys, extensive plains, and a number of islands. From the foothills of the Himalayas to the backwaters of Kerala, from the picturesque sceneries of north-eastern hill side...to the deserts of Rajasthan, the country is a wonderland. This nation houses some 1.8 billion people of different kinds and sorts. The people in India belong to many different religions, cultures, beliefs and ethnic backgrounds. So are the languages in the country with different dialects unique to a specific regional domain which could be as small as a village. One can find many combinations of these to create an identity of its own. So, on one hand if you see a Tamil speaking Christian, one might spot one Bengali who speaks English and observes Marwari culture and traditions, on the other hand. It seems like many colors have come together, each with its own set of shades and tones, vibrating together, to create a design holding a divine beauty.
India fascinates with its diversity.

Kathakali Dancer: Incredible India, Kathakali Dancer, Kerala

A dance performer in India, performing Kathakali classical dance belong to Kerala state. One of the Incredible example of India. Artist wearing face mask of God, traditional dress with large clourful mukut, lots of jewelry, clothes with traditional prints, artificial nails, white scarf and lots of paint on face and other part of body. They use to perform on many occasions in Kerala – a south Indian state famous for Ayurveda and Yoga and natural body treatments. They use traditional old style meditation and messages, purification of soul and rejuvenation. Kerala is also known for beaches, backwaters and martial art. I will discuss these in my further updates, keep in touch

Ayurveda India

India known for its culture and heritage, in India every place has its own quality and culture. The cultural heritage of India has its unique quality due to different culture i.e. musical heritage, heritage in sculpturing, dances heritage, and other fine arts, festival celebrations, languages spoken, traditional beliefs and customs, food and many more like these. Ayurveda India - Traditional treatments for health and medicines of India have their roots in the ancient world.

In India the unity of different cultures represented by the people of the India a wide range of religions, culture, customs and languages. Indian culture attract peoples through their mysterious way of the life, their customs and the indivisible culture of India cannot be written in words but can surely be enjoyed with personal experience.
If you are planning for a cultural holiday in India, the total idea to explore the heritage and culture in India will be an brilliant option. Every cultural heritage describe its own the number of years that have gone into beautifying each aspect of culture. The Cultural holidays in India are an effort to bring out the best possible flavors of the land and offer them to the tourists in a package.

The other form of India in culture is the Indian art and crafts. Indian culture has enjoyed an international standing for the brass and other metal work. The technology of metal working had been deep-rooted in the Indian Culture by 2500 B.C.
You can still found and feel the images of the art in temples of India. There are several methods of using metal and the different metals being used for these products like gold, silver, copper, brass, bronze, and other mixed metals and alloys etc.
The world-famous dancing figure of Nataraja, piece of art characterize the achievement of art in the Indian Culture.

Travel Map of India

India known for its rich cultural heritage , Indian traditions, colours and contrast. It has 28 states and seven union territories and a parliamentary form of government. India officially known as the Republic of India. Population: The second most populated country in the world, It has plus 100 crors of populations. Economy: After independence in 1947 till now It has strong and the fastest growing economies of the world. Agriculture: Agricultural production has become sufficient itself, and in the position of export of so many agricultural products.Area: Spread in an area of 3.28 million sq km. It has several historic and modren travel destinations. The most interested tourist places of India including Taj Mahal Agra one of the 7 wonders of the World, Kerala backwaters , Rajasthan deserts, Goa beaches , Bangalore hi-tech city , North East India, Himalayas and many more

Some of the most visiting tourist places of India are:

Tourist Places In India

India Wildlife Destinations

Bandhavgarh National Park
Kaziranga National Park
Kanha National Park
Sariska Tiger Reserve
Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary
Ranthambore Tiger Reserve

Hill Stations in India


Heritage in India

Taj Mahal
Qutub Minar
Humayun’s tomb
Fort and palaces in Rajasthan
Houseboat kerala
Churches Goa

Tourist Places in Famous cities and states of India

Tourist Places in Gwalior
Tourist Places in Hampi
Tourist Places in Gurgaon
Tourist Places in Ahmedabad
Tourist Places in Aurangabad
Tourist Places in Allahabad
Tourist Places in Bhopal
Tourist Places in Chennai (Madras)
Tourist Places in Coonoor
Tourist Places in Daman-Diu
Tourist Places in Kodaikanal
Tourist Places in Kozhikode (Calicut)
Tourist Places in Mahabalipuram
Tourist Places in Kumarakom
Tourist Places in Jodhpur
Tourist Places in Udaipur
Tourist Places in Ajmer
Tourist Places in Ranakpur
Tourist Places in Samode
Tourist Places in Jaisalmer
Tourist Places in Neemrana
Tourist Places in Sunderbans
Tourist Places in Bikaner
Tourist Places in Kasauli
Tourist Places in Lucknow
Tourist Places in Mangalore
Tourist Places in Mysore
Tourist Places in Patna
Tourist Places in Puttaparthi
Tourist Places in Varanasi
Tourist Places in Amritsar
Tourist Places in Chandigarh
Tourist Places in Coimbatore
Tourist Places in Coorg
Tourist Places in Gangtok
Tourist Places in Guwahati
Tourist Places in Indore
Tourist Places in Kanyakumari
Tourist Places in Khajjiar
Tourist Places in Kovalam
Tourist Places in Kochi (Cochin)
Tourist Places in Kushinagar
Tourist Places in Ludhiana
Tourist Places in Mandawa
Tourist Places in Madurai
Tourist Places in Tirupati
Tourist Places in Varkala
Tourist Places in Panjim (Panaji)
Tourist Places in Rajkot
Tourist Places in Sasangir
Tourist Places in Shekhawati
Tourist Places in Puri
Tourist Places in Pondicherry
Tourist Places in Agra
Tourist Places in Amritsar
Tourist Places in Goa
Tourist Places in Kerala
Tourist Places in Rajasthan
Tourist Places in Mumbai
Tourist Places in New Delhi
Tourist Places in Bangalore
Tourist Places in Chennai-Madras
Tourist Places in Hyderabad
Tourist Places in Karnataka
Tourist Places in Kolkata-Calcutta
Tourist Places in Pushkar
Tourist Places in Andaman and Nicobar
Tourist Places in Jaipur
Tourist Places in Kashmir
Tourist Places in Leh & Ladakh
Tourist Places in Lakshadweep
Tourist Places in Himachal Pradesh
Tourist Places in Uttaranchal
Tourist Places in Bangalore
Tourist Places in Hyderabad
Tourist Places in Gujarat
Tourist Places in Pune

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