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The southern continent of America the South America is situated in the southern and western hemisphere surrounded by Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea

It is the fourth largest continent. South America has been blessed with the most treasured gifts by nature, largest rainforest, highest waterfall, largest river, longest mountain range and diverse flora and fauna.
Like North America, South America too has few of the most stable countries in the world, whether be economically, or socially. Presence of various resources has also been a major factor in contribution of its economy. It is rich in varied culture and heritage. Portuguese, Spanish, English, etc are some of the common languages, which prevail there.
One of the main striking features, without mentioning of which South America looks deficient. The exciting and biggest rainforest, The Amazon forest awaits your visit to discover a variety of creatures. The Amazon River and lots of undiscovered species of plants and animals will enthrall you with incredible exquisiteness. It holds the main and exclusive section of world’s wildlife.
Another significant place, worth visiting is The Galapagos Island, which is famous for the unusual species of fauna. The one named Darwin Finches because of their discovery by Darwin. It also has an array of aquatic species too. An amazing and remarkable species of plants, animals and birds can be found.
The great and wonderful, the biggest waterfall found in Venezuela is also one of the main attraction of tourist. With the presence of dense forest and a range of animals plants makes the view terrific.
The splendid beauty of South America can make you go gaga. With the wild safari ride and outstanding sceneries you will be bound to visit places all over again.
But nowadays the great Amazon forests are suffering huge losses because of deforestation. The selfish needs of human are adversely affecting the nature’s gift. We should take care and steps to preserve them before we lose this priceless heritage

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