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globe of continents

Globe photo showing America and places listed on thhe globe, central America and north America the sea can be seen both side of the America and its states. On the righ side the globe has Atlantic Ocean and caribbean Sea some other ccountries ae also have their space like Cuba, West Indies and on the left side the Pacific ocean can be seen with its blue colour. On the second image top right side Asia can be seen indian ocean and Arabian Sea have been spreaded all over Asia and Africa.majorly Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Kazakhstan Afghanistan, Pakistan India, Tibbet, China, Myamar, Thailand countries can be seen there. Inian Ocean movement have been shown through the lines and arrows. On th Center image of Globe Africa continent has shown, it has Algeria, Libya, Egypt, Nigeria, Mali, Chad and Sudan countries at the top of Africa continent at teh center some other countries have taken their placse, at the center of location mp of africa listed Congo, Tanzania, Kenia, Somalia and angola. The bottom par of globe have Namibia, Botswana, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Mozambique the ocean has covered most of the area of Africa. The bottom left image of globe is describing South America and south Pacific Ocean it bis a large blue sea of outh America continent. Bottom right globe has Australia Continent on the globe, Northern Australia, southern Australia, Queensland, west Australia and Indonesia is also listed on the globe of Australia continent.

South America

Australia Map in Globe

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