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Russia, USSR

Russia | Political Map Russia | Flag Russia

Russia has a very interesting history with upheavals like political turmoil, wars, and rule of tyrants, while at the same time the country also had a good side in the form of some great minds, amazingly beautiful landscapes, nice hospitality and enormous riches. When talking about Russia, you simply cannot forget to mention its beautiful people, stunning beaches, dense forests, ballets performances, fresh water lakes, age old fortresses, palaces, churches and much more.

Russia became a huge nation in the 18th century by expanding its territories through conquests and became the Russian Empire. However, after repeated defeats against Japan and in the WWI, the Russian empire saw widespread riots in major cities and finally the overthrow of the Empire in 1917. As a result, the Communists came to power and formed the USSR, which got disintegrated due to several reasons in 1991 into Russia and 14 other independent countries.
Russian at present, also known as Russian Federation, lies in Northern Eurasia bordered by Ukraine, Norway, Finland, Poland, Belarus, as well as China, Mongolia and North Korea amongst other countries.

Political Overview
Russia is a Federation and Semi-Presidential republic with president being the Head of State whereas the Prime Minister functions as the Head of Government. Russia follows a multi-party democracy and like most other democracies, Russia also has three branches of the government, Legislative, Judiciary and Executive. The President in Russia gets elected for a term of six years and is eligible for another six years term. However, he/she is not eligible for a third consecutive time.

Geographical Overview
In terms of area, Russia is the largest country in the world with vast geographic distances, huge natural resources, nature reserves, national parks and much more. The coastline of Russia is very extensive and it extends to 37, 653 km. Russia also has the largest surface water resources in the world in terms of innumerable rivers and inland water bodies. Russia also has numerous fresh water lakes and Lake Baikal is the largest of them all.
As far as climate is concerned, it is mostly humid continental in most parts of Russia. On the other hand, the north of European Russia and Siberia experience subarctic climate with severe winters in Siberia. January is the coldest month, whereas July is known for highest temperature.

Russia is one of the most beautiful and amazing country in terms of abundance of landscape and nature. Cities like Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Lake Baikal are some of the stunning destinations in Russia. Being a huge country, Russia has immense opportunities to explore different types of topography and natural variety. Moscow is famous for its churches, museums, galleries, hermitages, lovely squares, streets and so on. The structures and monuments in Moscow display beautiful Soviet architecture.

Yekaterinburg is another is popular historic city which gives better view of the rolling Ural Mountains. The regions of Altai Republic & Republic of Tuva are the best places for adventure sports like raft, ski and hike. Lake Baikal is, of course, the deepest and most picturesque lake that you cannot miss to visit. There are many such more attractive and appealing destinations that you must visit during your Russian holidays.

Culture & People
Russia is a country with a number of ethnic groups and indigenous people residing in the country. These include Russians, which forms a major part along with Tartar, Ukrainian, Bashkir, Chuvash, and many other unspecified groups. Russian is the primary language with many other minority languages being spoken across the country. Russian Orthodox along with Muslims and Christians form the major religious groups in Russia.

Russia is one of the world’s major economies and also one of the fastest growing one. The Russian economy has undergone momentous changes since the disintegration of the Soviet Union. Over the years, Russia has become a globally integrated and market based economy. During 1990s, the country saw privatization of most industries except for energy and defense sectors. Russia is one of the leading producers of oil, natural gas, coal and crude oil. The country is amongst the largest exporters of steel and aluminum.

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