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Taiwan | Political Map Taiwan | Flag Taiwan

Taiwan is a pretty island with lush mountains, pulsating cities, beautiful cliffs, great option for hiking and the warmth of hot springs. It is a totally diverse destination, which might not be very evident from its tiny size. However, Taiwan portrays a world of contrasts and some very loving people, which make it a destination worth visiting.

Tourism in Taiwan may not be as popular as many other countries in Asia. However, Taiwan still boasts of many such highlights which make it a remarkable tourist destination. Taipei, the capital of Taiwan is a bustling city. But Taiwan is much more than cities, it has beautiful lakes, national parks, stunning gorge, lovely villages, hot springs and so on. The island of Taiwan receives huge travelers, especially from neighboring countries like China. Furthermore, the cuisine and hospitality of the country is also commendable.

Political Overview
Taiwan functions in a multi-party democracy with a constitution of its own. Moreover, the country elects a president independently, and has its own armed forces as well.

Geographical Overview
Taiwan is located in Eastern Asia and borders Taiwan Strait, South China Sea along with Southeastern Coast of China amongst others. The Coastline of Taiwan stretches to 1566.3 km and the country experiences a tropical climate with rainy weather stretching from June to August. Overall, the weather in Taiwan is categorized by persistent cloudiness all through year.

Taiwan tourism is a bag full of surprises. You have so much to see and do here. While in Taiwan, you can enjoy adventure, culture, food, shopping, nightlife, festivals, events, and so on. If you are an adventure freak, you can do things like climbing, mountain biking, rafting, scuba diving, playing golf, sailing & windsurfing, surfing, etc.

Moreover, there are temples, performing arts, museums and other cultural events to enjoy. You can also be a part of the fascinating nightlife and shopping in Taiwan. Above all, the hot springs are definitely an added advantage for tourists in Taiwan.

Some of the best attractions of Taiwan include National Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall, Sun Moon Lake, Kenting National Park, Taipei 101, Chaotian temple, Fo Guang Shan Buddha Memorial Center, and much more.

Culture & People
Amongst the various ethnic groups in Taiwan, the largest one is of course the Taiwanese along with mainland China and other indigenous groups. The most commonly used language in Taiwan is Mandarin Chinese, which is also the official language of the island. In addition, Taiwanese and Hakka dialects are also popularly used. The faith that most people believe in here is Buddhist and Taoist along with Christian and others. However, despite the fact that Taiwanese people are open and are gradually embracing new indigenous cultures, they still hold much respect and esteem for their respective customs and traditions.

Taiwan is a good example of capitalist economy with exports of electronics, machinery, and petrochemicals being regarded as the primary export items that led to the momentum for economic development in the country. The success of capitalist economy has led to privatization of government owned establishments like banks etc. In the recent economic index, Taiwan scored as amongst one of the 20th freest economies in the globe. The economy of Taiwan gets a lot of advantage from its strong legal framework and open market policies.

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