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Lebanon is a beautiful middle-east country, which can best be regarded as a perfect blend of ancient and contemporary culture. This captivating country has been drawing visitors with its unique history and charm

Bordered by countries like Syria and Israel, Lebanon is a country with rich history and culture that is very ancient. Moreover, this country is a mix of old and new. Along with fascinating historical sites, you will find ultramodern nightlife and markets in Lebanon. The capital Beirut is a popular hanging and party destination. With all this and more, travelers are definite to find excitement and fun in this country.

Political Overview
Lebanon functions in a republic form of government, a parliamentary democracy with Beirut as the capital. The country got its independence on 22 November 1943. There are as many as 18 recognized religious groups in the Lebanon government.

Geographical Overview
Lebanon is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea at geographical coordinates of 33 50 N, 35 50 E. The total area of the country is 10, 400 sq. km, whereas the coastline is 225 km.
Lebanon experiences Mediterranean climate with mild to cool weather. The winters here are wet and the summers are hot and dry. During most part of the year, mountain areas of Lebanon experience heavy winter snow.

Lebanon is a beautiful country to discover with its unique contrasts in terms of its lovely destination as well as the inhabitants of the country. The best part is that it is very easy to visit the fascinating tourist regions of the country as they are all located within easy reach of Beirut, the capital of Lebanon. Beirut, the most popular attraction of the country is renowned for its culture, history, cuisine, world-class eating joints, and thrilling nightlife. Irrespective of the fact that you are traveling alone or in company of family or friends, you are going to enjoy every bit of your vacation in Lebanon. Some of the well-known places of Lebanon include Baalbek, Aanjar, Beirut, Byblos, Tripoli, Beiteddine, and Tyre amongst many others.

Culture & People
With the presence of various civilizations, the culture of Lebanon is thousands of years old. Moreover, the population of Lebanon is composed of diverse ethnic and religious groups. Lebanese people are warm, welcoming and fun loving.

Lebanon enjoys a free market economy with liberal policies for commerce and trade. Foreign investment is allowed in Lebanon but is hampered by aspects like intricate custom procedure and high tax level and a lot other things. Banking and tourism are the most high income service sectors in Lebanon, which highly contributed to the economy. Lebanon is growing at a great pace and it is expected that the country will become one of the strongest economies in the near future.





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