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One of the most ancient travel destinations in the world thanks to its great ancient civilization, Egypt is endowed with a large number of attractions. The country offer all a traveller can ask for whether it is ancient monuments, colonial architecture or exciting desert safaris and cruises.

Though Egypt's wonders are numerous, the most celebrated tourist attractions in the country include the Great Pyramids of Giza, Great Sphinx of Giza, Museum of Egyptian Antiquities, the Karnak Temple Philae Temple, Graeco-Roman Museum, the Valley of the Kings, Ras Muhammed National Park, St Catherine Monastery and Lake Nasser. Quite obviously, the complex pyramid structures have long been Egypt's highlight. Tourist can also enjoy Nile ship-cruising. The southern city of Luxor is famous for ancient artifacts.

The Red Sea and its stunning coral formation attract a large number of the divers across the world.