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Travel Overview China !

China is a nation of paradoxes. Contrast Shanghai’s skyscrapers with Beijing’s historical landmarks. The world’s most populous nation has the depth of its history and boasts the wide range of its natural beauty. The country is home to not less than 23 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The Great Wall of China, the Terracotta Warriors at Xian, the Forbidden City in Beijing and the Silk Route are notable attractions.

Famous for its riverside scenery, Shanghai is a port city on the Huangpu River, where the Yangzi River empties into the East China Sea. Guilin is famous for its mountain peaks. The tropical island of Hainan is another tourist destination. The Yungang Grottoes, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, has over 51, 000 Buddhist carvings.

Travel and Tourism Industry China

China has one of the largest inbound markets in Asia constituting almost 34 % of the region ’s total tourist arrivals. With the increase in international connectivity and the setting up of top of the line hotel chains in China ahead of Beijing Olympics in 2008 would be driving the travel industry in the future. International tourist arrivals in China in the first half of 2006 rose by 6.9 percent compared to the same period last year. More than 18 million foreigners visited China last year.

Chinese cuisines are famous all over the world. The vibrant, distinctive culture of China coupled with acrobatics, martial arts, calligraphy and Chinese opera make this Asian giant an exciting travel destination.