Jallikattu festival Tamilnadu India

People of Tamilnadu demanding permission to

Jallikattu protest in tamilnadu

Jallikattu protest in tamilnadu

play jallikattu sport in which ox or bull used . People take control of the Bull and take money already attached with their horn. It is a biggest traditinal sport of Tamilnadu plays at the time of Pongal festival, a major festival of South India. These days people of Tamilnadu busy in protesting against the supreme court verdict to stop the Jallikattu sport.

Tamilnadu protester for Jallikattu

Tamilnadu fedtival

I have never seen this kind of protest anywhere , all people of Tamilnadu joined this protest from all religion. Kids, ladies all are coming to take part in the protest, a large number of people tethered together and protesting peacefully in support of jallikattu festival. It was a nice experiance for me to be a part of that crowd at marina beach road while coming from the office in the evening. I was feeling so excited and joyful to see the passion of crowd. I think for them it is a festival of power, festival of unity, festival of bravery, festival of prosperity, festival of passion, festival of unity, and many more.

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