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Oceania Australia

Capital :  Canberra

Capital :  Suva

Capital :  Bairiki
Marshal IslandMarshal Is.
Capital :  Majuro

Capital :  Kolonia


NewzealandNew Zealand
Capital :   Wellington

Capital :  Koror

PapauaPapaua New Guinia
Capital :  Port Moresby

SolomonSolomon Is.
Capital :  Honiara
Capital :  Nuku' alofa

Capital :  Funafuti

Capital :  Port - vita

Western SamoaWestern Samoa
Capital :  Apia
Currency : Tala



The fascinating land of Australia is located in between the Indian Ocean and the South Pacific Ocean in Oceania. Also known as the Commonwealth of Australia, this is the world's sixth-largest country in terms of total area. This is one of the world’s most highly developed countries with a large economy and one of the highest per capita incomes.

Political Overview
The type of government that functions in Australia is a federal parliamentary democracy and a Commonwealth monarchy with Canberra as the capital. Along with the states and territories within the country, Australia also possesses many dependant areas. The country got its independence from UK on January 1, 1901. The chief of state of Australia is Queen Elizabeth II since 1952 and The Queen is represented by Governor General of the state of Australia. However, the head of government is the Prime Minister who functions with his cabinet.
Political Map Australia

Tourism in Australia
Tourism in Australia is getting popular day by day, all thanks to the various efforts being made the Australian tourism department. Australia has some fabulous cities, hip and western with a culture that is as vibrant as it could be. Amongst the top cities in Australia include Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Canberra the capital.

Sydney, the harbor city is the most famous of all with its enchanting combination of beaches, bars and appealing sights and scenes. Melbourne is a city dominated by the world of Australian art, its beautiful lanes and sports. Brisbane is characterized by its subtropical weather, whereas Adelaide is known more for its festive mood. Perth is a forward looking city and Canberra is ruled by the country’s politics. Other towns like Darwin and Hobart are also interesting deals to visit. Food and drinks in Australia is as popular as its people. Australians are great foodies and love to eat and drink at any occasion.

Another fascinating thing about Australia is its wide open roads, which makes tourists to hire cars and easily venture out the cities of towns of Australia on their own the various secluded corners of the country and its national parks etc.

Culture and people
The ethnic groups in Australia consist of mostly whites along with Asians, aboriginals and others. The Australian speaks mostly English with little bit of Chinese, Italian, Greek, Arabic and Vietnamese. In terms of religion, the state sees mostly Protestants along with Catholic, Eastern Orthodox and other Christians, Buddhists and Muslims.

Trade and commerce
Australia is a rich country in terms of its plentiful and varied natural resources. These Australian resources appeal and attract large share of foreign investment. Coal, copper, iron, gas, and the renewable resources of energy country along with many others have got the country its export market and foreign exchange. Other than being the exporter of natural resources, Australia is also a large service sector economy. China is one of the largest exporting partners of Australia followed by Japan, South Korea, India and the US.

Wheat, barley and sugarcane are some of the various agricultural products grown in the country. Besides fruits of different types, animal breeding, and industries such as transportation, food processing, mining, chemicals, etc, also form a part of the economy.

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