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Globe Africa

African Countries

The Physical Map

Political Map of Africa

Population Map

Climate Map

Travel Map

Annual Rainfall and Monsoon

Temperature and Pressure

Precipitation and winds



Land use

Natural Vegetation

Natural Resources

Irrigation Map

Agricultural Map

Power Consumption



Pulse and Barley

Oilseeds and Spices

Fruits Crop

Live Stock


Metallic Minerals

Non-metallic Minerals

Mineral Fuel

Industrial Regions

Agro Based Industry

Engineering Industry

Handicrafts Industry

Garment and Textile Industry

Sex Ratio



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National Parks and wildlife


Globe Africa

globe africa

Maps of Africa

Africa Political map
Political map of Africa

Africa Outline 3d map
Outline 3d Map Africa
Africa continent outline map Map of libya
Map of libya
Somalia Political map
This is Political map of Somalia
Political Map Africa
Political map of Africa
Africa outline map of all countries
Africa Outline map
map of Egypt
Map of Egypt