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Capital :  Canberra

Capital :  Suva

Capital :  Bairiki
AustraliaMarshal Is.
Capital :  Majuro

Capital :  Kolonia


New Zealand
Capital :   Wellington

Capital :  Koror

AustraliaPapaua New Guinia
Capital :  Port Moresby

AustraliaSolomon Is.
Capital :  Honiara
Capital :  Nuku' alofa

Capital :  Funafuti

Capital :  Port - vita

AustraliaWestern Samoa
Capital :  Apia
Currency : Tala


Kiribati | Map Kiribati

Kiribati (pronounced kee-ree-bus) that comprises the 33 atolls was formerly known as Gilbert Islands that acquired self-rule by the UK in 1971. The Gilbert Islands finally declared their independence in 1979 and came to be known as Kiribati.

In 1979 Kiribati entered into a friendship treaty with the US which abdicated its claims to Phoenix and Line Island groups.

Occupying a vast area in the Pacific, Kiribati is home to large marine reserve. Kiritimati (Christmas Island) in the Line Islands is famous as largest atoll in the world.

Travel overview
Rightly famous for its islands and atolls, beautiful, Kiribati is much more besides. There's certainly plenty of white sand, turquoise sea and swaying palm trees, but there is also history. Head for the island of Abemama, where you will find many war relics. The island is also the home to the royal family.

Considered to be the largest coral atoll in the world, Kiritimati Island, also known as the Christmas Island, is a bird viewing paradise.

The Abaing Island is home to a Catholic church with rainbow-colored window frames, while the Butaritari Island is a stunning experience.

Capital: Tarawa
Location: Oceania
Climate: tropical; marine, hot and humid
Total Area: 811 sq km
Total Population: 107,817
Population Growth Rate: 2.235%
Sex Ratio: 0.986 male(s)/female
Ethnic Groups: Micronesian, others
Languages: I-Kiribati, English (official)
Time Zone: UTC+12
Currency: Australian dollar (AUD)
Type of govt.: republic
Head of Govt.: President Anote Tong
Major Political Parties: Boutokaan Te Koaua Party or BTK , Maneaban Te Mauri Party or MTM , Maurin Kiribati Pati or MKP, National Progressive Party or NPP
Participation in International Organizations: ACP, AsDB, C, ICRM, IDA, IFAD, FAO, IBRD, ICAO, IFC, IFRCS, IOC, ITU, ITUC, ILO, IMF, IMO, OPCW, PIF, UNCTAD, UNESCO, UPU, Sparteca, SPC, UN, WHO, WMO
Major Agricultural Products: copra, sweet potatoes, taro, breadfruit, vegetables, fish
Natural Resources & Minerals: phosphate
Industry & Transport: fishing, handicrafts
Airports: 19
Roadways: 670 km
Waterways: 5
Major Trade Partners: Australia, Fiji, Japan, NZ , Belgium , Samoa , Malaysia , Taiwan , Denmark
Exports: $17 million
Imports: $62 million

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